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 Peter M. Steeves is a self-taught artist with a career that has spanned over twenty-five years exhibiting throughout the Chicagoland area. The work covers a wide breath with elements of surrealism, primitive symbolic and postmodern realism focusing on the emotion of images and pointalated patterns. The subjects of the art are pulled from his subconscious and transferred to the canvas to allow the artist and the viewer to analyze their meanings.

Peter M. Steeves

Terrapin House Studio


I had my work described in an interesting way the other night

He said "he could see A lot of influence for Vincent and early Picasso, states of transcendence , all meeting at the point the folk and pop art cross ".
Pretty cool description plus he then gave me a three month solo show - PMS 

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Come see "BEND" hosted at the J.W. Marriott in Grand Rapids MI

Come explore this unique experience of the world’s most open, most exciting, art exhibition that takes over the city of Grand Rapid for nineteen days.

Sept 24-Oct 12

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